in the distribution of electronic parts

2Service is Authorized Samsung Distributor and has all 300,000 Samsung parts in its range of the product groups white and brown goods, IT and smartphones/tablets. We are also a respected specialist in the parts of many other prominent brands, such as Sony, LG and Huawei.
With good reason, we are the preferred supplier of 600 electronic retailers and more than 800 mobile repair companies. The comprehensive range, our advanced webshops and personal attention are what make our customers completely satisfied with the service we provide.


2Service B.V. is ‘SAMSUNG Premium Support’ partner for the distribution of white and brown goods parts within the Benelux. All Samsung parts in the product groups TV, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner and microwave are offered via the webshop SamsungOnderdelen.com. All parts are 100% original and come directly from the central Samsung warehouse.

Each year, we help many thousands of consumers to find the right Samsung part and deliver it. In addition, more than 600 resellers and dealers make use of our parts service.

  • All 300,000 Samsung parts available

  • Sent the same day if ordered before 7.00 pm

  • Order quickly using the clickable technical drawing

  • Attractive prices

  • All parts 100% original


2Service B.V. is official partner to Samsung for the distribution of parts and manager of Mobileparts.shop, the total supplier for mobile repair professionals. In addition to Samsung, we are also a valued specialist in parts from other brands, such as Huawei, LG, Sony, Microsoft and One+. We also offer a full range of parts for all iPhone and iPad models and have included a selection of the best tools and most popular accessories in the webshop.

2Service is the largest distributor of smartphone and tablet parts in the Benelux and is the preferred supplier of more than 700 mobile repair professionals.

  • Alleen de hoogste kwaliteit onderdelen

  • The most popular parts always in stock

  • Sent the same day if ordered before 7.00 pm

  • Technical support from the Support Desk

  • No shipment costs from €100 within The Netherlands